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Welcome to our site.

First we want to introduce ourselves.

Our love for the breed began in the 90's, and after reading a lot of information about the American Staffordshire Terriėr, we decided to buy our first Amstaff.
In 1998 we bought a male called Old Hickory Xenios ( Spike ) from the Old Hickory kennel. He comes out of the combination: Old Hickory Shadow X Old Hickory Tamara. He became best friends with our first dog, a Jack Russel Terriėr called Rambo. When Spike reached the age of 2, we decided to buy our second Amstaff.
Old Hickory Zinia ( Misty ), also from the Old Hickory kennel, came to join our family. She comes out of the combination Multi Ch. TKO Golden Boy X Mistymudd Tipit Z Hanky.

In the beginning of 2002 we bred our first litter.
Out of this combination, Multi Ch. Copyright Tipit Z Hanky X Old Hickory Zinia, we kept a female. Her name is Old Hickory Berith ( Ruby )
In 2003 we went to the Czech Republic to buy a female, she is called Jersey Tipit Z Hanky ( Jersey ). She comes out of the combination Vabank Tipit Z Hanky X Shadow Tipit Z Hanky.

In 2004, out of Misty her last litter, we kept another female. She is called Charlie's Angel Legacy of Strength ( Casey ), her father is the male Pleasure Tipit Z Hanky.

In the August of 2005 we went back to the Czech Republic to get our second female from the Tipit Z Hanky kennel. Her name is Yahoo Tipit Z Hanky ( Yoeka )

All our dogs live, eat and play together and they all run free around the house.
We breed for stable temperament and trying to improve the overall breed, by producing top quality showdogs, but most of all because this breed gives us loving and loyal companions.


Enjoy our website and if you have any questions, please feel free to mail, call or write to us.

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