Jersey's full name is Jersey Tipit Z Hanky

Jersey we bought in 2003 from the Tipit Z Hanky kennel in the Czech Republic.
She comes out of the combination: Vabank Tipit Z Hanky X Shadow Tipit Z Hanky

Jersey has passed the MAG-test on 29-01-2006 with good results.

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Side Shot

Front Shot

Side Shot 2

Showresults Jersey        
ASTCH Clubmatch, Diessen 10-12-2006 open class 4 excellent
Amsterdam Winner 25-11-2006 open class   excellent
Bleiswijk 04-11-2006 open class 3 excellent
KC Hardenberg 06-05-2006 open class 1* excellent
    BOB,  5th in the Terriėrgroup
Lingen, Germany 23-04-2006   open class excellent 
Gent, Belgium 26-02-2006  open class 1* excellent
      *RCAC + RCACIB  
Zwolle 20-11-2005  open class 1*     excellent
      *CAC + CACIB BOB
Eurodog Tull, Austria 04-06-2005  open class   excellent
Dortmund,Germany 07-05-2005  open class 1* excellent
Europasieger     *2 X VDH point  
Antwerp, Belgium 17-04-2005  open class 3 excellent
Goes 09-04-2005  open class 3 excellent
Leeuwarden 28-03-2005  open class 1* excellent
Zuidlaren 06-03-2005  open class 1 excellent
Hoogstraten, Belgium 20-02-2005  open class 2* excellent
      *RCAC + RCACIB
Amsterdam Winner 27-11-2004  open class 2 excellent
Bleiswijk 13-11-2004  youth class 2 very good
Zwolle 10-10-2004  youth class 1 excellent
Maastricht 25-09-2004  youth class 3 very good

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